Website Pipeline Sales & Marketing Offsite Meeting

One of the benefits of being headquartered in Greenville, South Carolina is that we’re surrounded by natural beauty, with mountains just to the north, the ocean just a few hours away, and lakes an hour to the west. Our sales and marketing teams recently spent a few days meeting offsite at Lake Keowee, focused on continuing the growth of Website Pipeline. In addition to folks from our office, we had remote employees come in from Florida, Ohio, and British Columbia. The northerners, in particular, loved the mid-90s temperatures we’ve been experiencing over the last few weeks.

WSP Offsite

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Instone dealer site by Website Pipeline gets rave reviews

Website Pipeline client, Instone, is a wholesale distributor of Thin Veneer Masonry products, selling exclusively through a Dealer Network. Here’s what they had to say about their implementation experience:

“Website Pipeline has provided us with a world class website and the tools to manage and build what we need for our customers.  The web-driver tool and all the templates are very easy to use.  I have really enjoyed working with the staff at Website Pipeline and appreciate all of the guidance along the way. We really do believe that this new website will increase our sales, improve our effectiveness in the market and provide pertinent information.  Since the launch of our site,  we have received rave reviews and overall acceptance has been overwhelming and very encouraging.

Please know that we are very pleased with the final outcome and we are excited to see the results.”

Kevin Grotke, Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Watch this 2 minute video on customer self-service portals with ERP integration, and Contact us to learn how you can get rave reviews by implementing a B2B ecommerce website with ERP integration powered by Website Pipeline.

“A Force For Awesome”

Morph Fire is a revolutionary converter, turning your paintball gun into an insanely powerful 600 fps BB machine gun. That’s some serious awesomeness. So as you can imagine, the team at Morph Fire takes the word “awesome” pretty seriously. And they know awesome when they see it.

After working with Dan Pennell, the Website Pipeline Project Manager assigned to their Sage 100-integrated ecommerce site implementation, the team at Morph Fire had this to say:


Working with you has been an extreme pleasure. There is no way that this website would have been up, running and functional to the degree is was for the September 28-29 event without all your efforts. You definitely went above and beyond your scope of duties to keep everyone on track. You maintained your professionalism throughout all the chaos while dealing with multiple parties with varying agendas. We sincerely appreciate your overall dedication to us as a client, your team effort approach and ability to take charge while providing an enjoyable experience during stressful moments. You have represented Website Pipeline exemplarily and proved to be genuinely invested in us as a client. You are ‘A Force For Awesome’!”

– Danielle Salyer, Director of Business at Morph Fire
– BJ Jordan, Accounting & Procurement at Morph Fire

Watch this 2 minute video on customer self-service portals with ERP integration, and Contact us to learn how you can be part of the awesomeness by implementing an ecommerce website with ERP integration powered by Website Pipeline.

Four reasons to integrate your B2B and/or B2C ecommerce website with your ERP

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If you’re reading this, congratulations! You’ve realized that a strong web presence is crucial to increasing your customer base and selling more to existing customers, regardless of what industry you’re in or what channels you sell through.

But how will you manage all those new customers and transactions with your current systems without having to add more resources or duplicate efforts?

There’s good news. Integrating your B2B/B2C ecommerce website with your ERP software has a number of benefits to help you sell more, more efficiently.

Here are four reasons your site should integrate with your ERP software financial package:

  1. Website is available 24/7: The ERP ecommerce website is available and accessible by your customers 24/7, so your customers can place orders at their convenience. The website can take orders even when your ERP system is offline. The orders are simply queued up and synced back to the ERP when the connection is re-established. There is no need to miss an order or inconvenience your customers.
  2. Easier data access for your customers: You can give your customers access to a great deal of valuable information around the clock. Accessing this information online allows your customers to see it when they need it without having to contact you to find it for them. With a full bi-directional integration, this information can include order history, invoice history, shipment tracking, username and password management, and re-order capabilities.
  3. Reduction in Order Entry Errors: Manual re-keying of data is a major source of problems for a business. It can lead to increased employee costs to find and fix the problems, to angry customers, and potentially to losing business. Therefore, anything that can be done to eliminate manual re-keying is incredibly valuable. By integrating your website with your ERP, you can eliminate the manual re-keying of data. The orders placed on the website are automatically transferred into your ERP in the proper format and with the correct information available for your in-house order process.
  4. Better utilization of employee time: Automation allows your employees to focus on growing the business, increasing sales, and customer relationship building instead of manually re-keying data, chasing order information for customers, or answering questions that could be better answered on the website. With real time data synching between the ecommerce website and your ERP; you, your bottom line, and your customers will appreciate the benefits.

Website Pipeline designs, builds, hosts and supports ecommerce websites featuring real-time, bi-directional integrations with popular ERP systems.

Watch this two minute video Website Pipeline: Customer Self-Service Portal for Sage ERP and Microsoft Dynamics, and contact us to learn more.

Silver Streak sees record-breaking sales from new Website Pipeline site

“We recently launched our new website developed by Website Pipeline. We had been selling through our own website for many years, but wanted to update to a site that would streamline the ordering process for our customers as well as our office and warehouse staff.  Since the launch of the new WSP site we have received compliments from our customers regularly on our new site for the intuitive design and the account features that integrate into our accounting software.

Dan Pennell and the rest of the development team were attentive and responsive to our business requirements for the site. They brought many options to the table to give us several choices in enhancing the design and layout, while always keeping the focus of the project on functionality and ease of use for our customers.

In each of the past 3 months since launching the site from Website Pipeline we’ve had record breaking sales from the site. Website Pipeline delivered on their word – we received a robust website with a design layout to entice our customers and keep them digging through our products, resulting in a significant boost in sales!”

– Dawn Jackson, Silver Streak

Watch this 2 minute video on customer self-service portals with ERP integration, and Contact us to learn how you can get a boost in sales while streamlining processes by implementing an ecommerce website with ERP integration powered by Website Pipeline.

Website Pipeline Joins Dynamics GP User Group as Premium Member

Website Pipeline has become a Premium Partner member of the prestigious Dynamics GP User Group (GPUG).

GPUG is an independent group of Microsoft Dynamics GP software users, partners, industry experts and representatives of Microsoft Corp. GPUG is recognized by Microsoft as the official user group for its Dynamics GP business software. Website Pipeline’s participation in GPUG demonstrates its commitment to the Microsoft Dynamics GP community and provides the organization with new ways to share its expertise.

“Having been a member of GPUG at my previous organization, I’m confident that Website Pipeline will be a valuable addition to the community,” said Darcy Boerio, Channel Development Manager. “B2B eCommerce is a topic that’s on the minds of many GP users. We’re eager to learn from the other members about the challenges they face and how we can help them get, keep, and grow their customers with GP-integrated customer self service portals.”

“Our Premium Partner members are an integral part of the GPUG community. They bring innovative solutions, strategies and expertise to the group, which is of immense value to our members,” said Kim Peterson, GPUG Director. “GPUG will work hand in hand with Website Pipeline to increase the value of the community by offering Dynamics GP users many useful benefits. We’re pleased to welcome Website Pipeline, and we look forward to their contributions to GPUG.”


Website Pipeline designs, builds, hosts and supports eCommerce solutions that integrate with a variety of ERP software packages. We take our in-depth knowledge of eCommerce, general business processes, and ERP integration software and combine them with your business goals to provide a solution that meets your needs.

The Website Pipeline eCommerce solution provides highly functional Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) customer self-service portals that can be integrated with many of the mid-market ERP financial software packages.


The Dynamics GP User Group (GPUG) is an independent, user-driven organization that helps individuals and company members maximize the value they receive from Microsoft Dynamics GP. Members learn, network and share expertise through educational events, webinars, training courses, virtual collaborative meetings, regional networking opportunities and a vibrant online community. Established in 2006, GPUG is approximately 4,500 organizations strong, and dedicated to creating deep, intimate learning opportunities for our members.

A Flood of Orders – Help!

Having trouble managing a sudden influx of orders in your Sage 100 ERP?

So you’ve expanded – or are ready to expand – your business to ecommerce, allowing your customers to view inventory levels and place orders 24-7 through a website or customer self-service portal. With this expansion, you’ll be seeing a substantial increase in order volume. How do you handle this influx of orders without disrupting your current ordering process?

If you don’t have the infrastructure in place to fulfill the orders in an accurate and timely manner, not only will you be spending too much time on manual processes, but you run the risk of creating unhappy customers, which can undo all the good work you’ve done to increase sales.

Before you find yourself overwhelmed by the efforts required to generate and fulfill these orders, ask yourself:

  • How will I get my product information, inventory levels, and pricing into my ecommerce site?
  •  How will I get the orders back into Sage 100?
  •  How will I accurately capture Receipt of Goods, physical inventory counts, and inventory transfers into Sage 100 so my site accurately reflects current inventory levels?
  •  How can I streamline the sales order picking/shipping process to increase order velocity?

Join ScanForce and Website Pipeline to learn how implementing a Sage-integrated end-to-end order management process can position you to sell more, more efficiently.

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A Flood of Orders – Help!
Wednesday, April 8 at 11 a.m. PT / 2 p.m. ET


New website helps QMH exceed customer expectations

QMH Quality Material Handling of Southern California wanted to create a flawless user experience for their customers while upholding their 24 year reputation for unequalled service and product excellence.

The team at Website Pipeline worked with them to understand their goals and build an ERP-integrated site to strengthen their customer relationships.

Visitors to can view enhanced photos and detailed information on the company’s wide array of material handling equipment products, Customers can search for products, place orders, track order and shipping status, view invoices and more – anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Read the full press release here:

Southern California’s QMH Quality Material Handling, Inc. Launches New Mobile-Friendly Website

Applying lean principles to purchasing

 How e-commerce improves flexibility, capacity and efficiency

We all understand the tenets of lean to eliminate waste within the supply chain, but the largest challenge most manufacturers and distributors face is balancing production schedule to the rate of consumption of their customer’s customer. In today’s world, lean and enterprise resource planning (ERP) must coexist, and e-commerce is the bridge to leveling the workload.

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Effective Meetings | Daily Stand Up Meetings | Website Pipeline

Time to Stand Up for Meetings

Much has been written about efficient meetings. Good meetings improve performance, while bad ones are productivity killers. Either way, meetings have a profound impact on people’s self-worth. If you fall into the camp that views meetings as a waste of time, you’re the perpetrator of a weakened office. Continue reading Effective Meetings | Daily Stand Up Meetings | Website Pipeline

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